Monday, November 8, 2021

Perfect Pockets Shawl

Apparently, I just start projects, work them nearly to completion and then set them down.


I found this practically completed shawl underneath my bed while I was cleaning my room. Did I continue to clean my room? No I did not. Did I finish the shawl? Also no. But it's nearly done.

All I have left to complete is one more pocket and the remaining tassels on the other side.

In addition to this nearly completed project I found another nearly completed project: a garter stitch scarf that only had about a quarter of a ball of yarn left to it. I did complete that.

I think something about getting nearer to Winter makes me want to bring out all my cozy knitwear. Too bad my house is in such disarray because I really want to go through all of the abandoned works in progress and photograph where I'm at with them and plan whether it is time to frog or finish. I know I have at least these:

1) A green sweater I've never blogged about

2) Akiko Cardigan

3) Habitat Cardigan #2

4) "Hugs & Kisses" baby cardigan for my daughter who has now very much outgrown it

5) Oslo mittens (only one is done)

6) Bear mittens (such an old project omg)

7) You Are Enough Shawl

8) Socks for my brother (1 nearly done)

9) Red fuzzy sweater


11) A sweater for Archie

12) A hat

13) The aforementioned perfect pockets shawl

14) A lavender sweater I never mentioned to the blog

15) A gray garter stitch scarf

16) A granny square bag

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. How many of these are actually salvageable? Perhaps it is time to get honest with oneself and just Get Rid of Them. So many tears.

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