Monday, November 29, 2021

Some FO's

 Well, I had Thursday through Sunday off from work and I was able to get a LOT of knitting done.

First, I finished my Fairy Maiden socks, free pattern from This Handmade Life.

That one came out so nicely!

The little texture pattern was fiddly for me, because I usually knit vanilla socks and had to actually pay attention to my work for once. But, well worth the effort I think now that they are complete. I've already worn them and I love the way they fit. The yarn was Urth Harvest Fingering in "Grape Leaf." 

The second project was another pair of socks, this one which had been on the needles since July 2018!!

In 2018, I had knit up to about the last brown stripe of the first sock when I suddenly put the project away. I believe the reason for putting it away was that I wasn't sure exactly how long to make the foot so that they would fit my brother. And I didn't want him to try them on because I wanted them to be a surprise so they simply sat. For years.

I knit the second sock in a day or two and they fit him perfectly. I even weaved in the ends.

I unfortunately don't have a record of what  yarn I used.

The final FO for this weekend is my second Habitat Caridagn. The free pattern is available here.

This sweater came out a little shorter than my first habitat cardigan, which is probably due to the difference in yarn. I didn't swatch for this project, as I figured it's such a loose fit that it would probably fit no matter what.

I really like the color of this one. It's Lion Brand Heartland in color "Badlands."

I'm looking forward to uploading my third episode of my podcast on 12/12/2021 and these projects will be featured along with... a couple other things I finished. Like, did I mention my mom's sweater?

I cast this one on and knit it in 2 days - charmed by the bulky yarn in color "Sage."

Wow- my hands have been busy.

Hope yours have been too and you're completing lots of projects :)
Happy Knitting!

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  1. Holly cow, you knitted a sweater in just 2 days. WOW! Doing some blog walking and thought I'd pop in to say. Always fun to meet new bloggers and other knitters. Swing by for a visit.


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