Monday, July 26, 2021

The Spoopy Cardigan: Work in Progress

So excited to share my newest project with you guys! The  Spoopy cardigan!

I'm following along with Kayla from Alt Knots to create this patchwork style cardigan.

Since it's nearing the end of July it is obviously time for Halloween decor and all things spoopy, and so I'm using classic Halloween colors: Black, Orange, Purple, & Green. Check out some of the patches.

For some reason, on my computer and phone the orange seems to look very reddish, but in person it is quite the pumpkin color. The yarn is Impeccable from Michaels' Loops & Threads line. It's 100% acrylic which is great for being machine washable and it's quite soft as well even before washing. I'm using a 6.5 mm hook so each square is worked up pretty quickly. I should have a total of 38 squares in order to complete the cardigan: 9 for each sleeve, 12 for the back, and 4 each for the fronts. So far, I've got the back and one front completed.

I am loving how much this sweater is going to make me feel like somebody's Grandpa. It's so outrageously ugly that I'm enamored with it.

My best friend said it looks like the kind of vest you put on someone who has a tendency to run off so that you'll never lose them. They don't see the glorious outcome I foresee, however. I've purchased a bunch of Halloween patches to decorate this thing with, and it is going to be so amazing. I can see myself never wanting to take it off because it's going to be like a big comfy blanket.

What do you think? Outrageously ugly? Or potentially a really rad Halloween sweater?

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