Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Another Spoopy Update

 Sometimes, I am a monogamous knitter. Even though I might have several projects on the needles, there is one that takes favor and I'll work on it until it's complete. I think that will be the case with my Spoopy Cardigan. It's quite fun to work on, because of all the colors and also because of the variety of ways to work on it. If I get bored of making squares I can start crocheting around them in black. If I get bored of crocheting around in black, I can weave in ends. If I don't feel like weaving in ends, I can seam. And by then, crocheting squares sounds fun again!

Yesterday I completed the other half of the front, and then picked up all the stitches around the front to make a ribbed border. 

It came out soft and squishy and lovely and I think I'm going to rip it all out.

The problem is that the fronts don't come around my body as much as I would like. Which, I knew this going into the project. I knew it wasn't going to close and I thought I was fine with it. After all, Kayla's sweater doesn't close! But unfortunately Kayla is skinnier than I am and could make a potato sack look good. Enjoy this still from the video:

Meanwhile, I've gained a bunch of quarantine weight and the small front just seems to highlight my belly.

So I think what I'm destined to do is rip out the ribbing and crochet two more full squares for each side, plus a half square to put in as a sort of V-neck shaping. Then of course pick up and re-knit the border. I think it will make it a much more wearable garment for me, and will be worth the time put in.

But before I do that, I have the second sleeve to finish. So far I have about 4 out of 9 squares for the sleeve. With any luck I can still finish this by Friday, when my next order of yarn arrives!

Happy knitting (or crocheting!)

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