Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Spoopy Update!

 On Monday evenings I do a Big Book reading with one of my friends from Alcoholics Anonymous, and so I didn't get to work on my cardigan for very long yesterday.

But I did manage to finish the first sleeve and tell you what, I am in LOVE.

In order to get the bell sleeve effect what I ended up doing was crocheting around the wrist, doing one entire row of just sc2tog, and then I planned on doing crochet ribbing to finish it off. Unfortunately I'm still pretty new at crochet and I didn't have a locking stitch marker on me, and so my wrist kept getting smaller and smaller and smaller- and trying to do the rib stitch in crochet wasn't easy either. I re-did the wrist twice before giving up. Finally, I ended up ripping it out and doing the ribbing by knitting them on double pointed needles. I ended the cuff with a sewn bind-off and it's just perfect. To get the other sleeve to match I'll have to decrease down to 22 stitches.

So now I have one half of the cardigan almost complete! 

You can see that the fronts aren't going to close all the way, even after I add the ribbing. Which, I'm also going to do the ribbing around the fronts on my knitting needles instead of a crochet hook as well. It will just be a lot easier for me, and I think it will give a really cool effect having both crafts in one garment.

I'm loving the way it is turning out. I joke that I feel like someone's grandpa, but truly I adore it.

I went ahead and bought some patches off of Etsy, and once those arrive I'll be adhering them to various squares on the garment as well. Here are the ones I chose:

I'm seriously so psyched about this project.

1) it's my first adult crochet garment

2) Halloween spookiness

3) the sleeves!!!

4) the colors <3

Cannot wait to share the finished object with you guys.

I hope you're working on something you love just as much!

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