Thursday, July 29, 2021

MOSTLY Finished Object! Spoopy Cardigan

Well, I bit the bullet and unraveled my ribbed edging of my Spoopy cardigan. At first I tried to talk myself into leaving it how it was, but who was I kidding: it was just not big enough to go around my body. So, I added two extra squares onto each front, plus I made a little triangle shaped wedge to create a sort of V-neck.

On one hand I kind of feel like it looks like a bikini top now, but on the other hand I am SO DONE working with these garish colors. So I am calling it good; I'm not even going to bother picking up and knitting a bottom border I am just setting it aside for a cold day.

All in all I'm really happy with:
1. the sleeves
2. the ugly colors
3. the snuggly warmth

My mom was a big fan of this sweater. She told me it doesn't look Halloween-y, though, that it just looks like an "outdoor sweater."

Before Halloween arrives, I might still pick up and knit the bottom border if I feel like it. After that it just needs patches, and possibly buttons. The patches I bought on Etsy are slowly starting to arrive, but I'm not sure yet how I intend to adhere them to the cardigan. I'd like them to be removable so I might use safety pins. For the buttons, I would have to do the kind that fasten with a loop because I didn't add buttonholes to the ribbing. I'm not sure whether it really needs buttons though. I like it how it is and for now it is "finished" enough.

My goal was to finish this by Friday and here we are on Thursday night. Now I can get back to work on some other projects! Tomorrow I should be getting a nice little package of yarn so I look forward to sharing that.

Happy knitting!

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