Thursday, July 22, 2021

Skully Sweater~ Numero Tres

 Did I ever tell the blog what happened to my first Skully sweater? Ah, probably not, perhaps another time. 

The second one I made, I drunkenly tussled with some fellows outside my apartment complex and tore a big hole in it. Rather than sewing it up, I gave it to my friend Trevor Twist who said he would sew it and wear it happily. As a result I have zero Skully sweaters.... Until now!

I ordered 9 skeins of Knit Picks Biggo in color "Asphault Heather," and they just arrived yesterday. I also got one skein of "Bare" for the skulls. I don't plan on making any changes to the sweater except to taper the sleeves slightly as I remember both times in the past my wrists were sort of overwhelmed by fabric.

I sat down and got to work, and let me tell you: Bulky yarn is amazing. After working on so many projects in fingering weight it's like I forgot how quickly the bulky knits up. It's been actually a quite long time since I've used a bulky yarn, maybe since 2017 when I made some mittens on the way up to Tahoe. So I sat down to start my sweater at around 6:30pm while waiting for a Zoom meeting. Respectfully, (and showing great restraint) I did not knit during the Zoom meeting, which means I picked it back up around 8:20pm and knit until around 12am at which point I realized I must go to sleep or else suffer during work the next day. This is how far I got:

Woah Nelly, is that almost the entire front of the sweater? Why, yes it is. I got all the way up past decreasing for the armholes, and I can't wait to pick it up again to finish up the front and start the back. I knit 2 whole balls of yarn into that thing!

 I don't have a meeting after work today, and I plan on knitting on my lunch. I do have to feed the guinea pigs I'm taking care of temporarily, which means driving over to my friend's place and caring for them and letting my daughter pet and play with them. That'll take a little bit of my precious knitting time, but all in all I think I can at least knit another 2 balls in which will take me up to the middle of the back at least.

My shawl and my socks and my crochet top (which I don't think I've shared yet) are all on the back burner now as I whip out this sweater. I'm having way too much fun to go back to those projects yet! Wait til I get to the intarsia <3


Happy Knitting!

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