Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"What are you doing to my sweater?"

My reply? "Um.... Knitting it."

I've just cast on the 2nd sleeve- this sweater should be a sweater by this evening.

If it isn't you guys can remind me that I'm doing my days off wrong.
I also plan on hitting up the yarn shop so I can get the yarn for the BFF Cowl I'm planning with Shelli of Mrs. Murray Knits! 
(I'm excited!)

Linking up with Tamis Amis today.
Happy Wednesday ^_^


  1. Looking forward to seeing your newly finished sweater ... tonight?? Wow! Have fun buying your new yarn today. ; )

  2. Enjoy yarn shopping :) The jumper is looking great :)

  3. I hope that lovely sweater doesn't get outgrown too quickly!

    1. Me too! I made it extra big, and also have an extra ball of yarn so that later on I can snip a stitch and work downwards adding length to the cuffs and body.
      I wish he would stay this small forever so that I could knit him a plethora of sweaters in a short period of time... I keep remembering that soon he'll be so big that it will be cheaper and faster to knit myself one haha

  4. I cant wait! I finally looked over the pattern and read all the project notes. Let me know what you decide :)


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