Saturday, December 29, 2012


Did I ever mention how I wanted to knit the Calligraphy Cardigan with my Miss Babs Whatta Skein I got at Stitches West?
Like, ages ago?
Like, around the time Susan B. Anderson started hers?


So I never did that.

But that's why time keeps on keeping on! So we can do those things we meant to do. Right?

Once I block this sucker I can start doing my gauge calculations- Since it's knit flat I'm using a size 5 AND a size 3, to account for my loose purls. It's still a tiny bit uneven but I'm hoping with a bit of water it will turn out nicely. Actually, though, I'm afraid even with 5's and 3's my gauge will be too loose. And 3's are the smallest needles I have in this particular interchangeable set. So I might just do magic maths with whatever gauge I DO get....

In other news, my son's adorable woolen sweater with the felt dinosaur? Shrunk when it was washed and dried. This wouldn't have surprised you or I, but it did shock my mom, who immediately bought me more yarn to make him another one. So that's on the needles, too. It's just plain grey this time around- I really wanted to do some cute fair isle on it, but he insisted to have a dinosaur on this one too. Oh well.

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  1. Argghhh, sorry to hear about the shrunken sweater. ; (

    Enjoy knitting your new cardigan ... love the yarn you're working with!


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