Sunday, January 27, 2013

Let's get something straight here...

I'm not crazy.
When I said I needed 40 gifts, I meant 40 GIFTS, not 40 knitted gifts. All in all I'll probably only make about 5 or 6 presents. Especially since sweaters are my favorite type of project, and this year I finally learned that no matter how much I want to give somebody a hand-knit scarf or afghan it's just not going to happen because I think they're incredibly boring to knit.

Speaking of sweaters, I've just finished the 3rd skein of my niece's sweater. I'm about ready to start the ribbing and then get to work on the sleeves.

A lot less portable now, but it's a very satisfying knit. I might have to take a few extra notes and make myself one with waist shaping. (I didn't do any for my niece because it's a surprise and I'd hate to give her a sweater with waist shaping much too high or too low for her body.)

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure you all knew that there's no way I'm going to knit 40 things for the people I love. Even if I love them very very much.


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  2. It's coming along great! I love that purple.


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