Saturday, January 12, 2013

Steek Prepared.

I did my hand-sewn steek this morning.
I wish I could cut it now and start working on the border, but alas. Work.
I'm afraid I might need to re-do the bottom left corner, because I was hurrying in order to finish in time to get ready for work. But more than likely I'll just pick up a few extra stitches there to compensate for the curl, and that'll be that.
I have tomorrow off- I hope I can get this done because it is SUPER cold in my house! I was wearing my coat as I sewed this! The chilliness is really helping me get this done.


  1. Fingers crossed that it all goes exactly as you want it to!!

  2. ooh that cardigan is gorgeous - good luck on the steeking, you're so ultra brave!!! have a knitty monday xx


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