Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Almost a whole year went by!

Remember when Blogger first started with this stupid word verification thing?
I absolutely hate it and I'll be honest to all of you with it enabled: it lowers my probability of commenting on your blog. By a lot. Especially when I make a comment, and then have to type in gibberish 3 times before getting it right. By then I usually just give up.

But it IS there for a reason: to deflect spammers. And for almost a whole year I had no issue at all. But recently the spammers have gotten through. Blogger caught most of them, but I'm going to re-enable it for a little while. Probably like a week or so.

Sorry. I still hate it, but this will make me feel like I'm doing something about all these stupid fake comments.


  1. NOOOOO fuckin capcha. I hate that crap. I deal with the spammers, because they are so minimal :(

    woth you on the less likely to comment if you have word verification

  2. I've got my blog set up for no anonymous comments, I find that filters out the worst of it and I can cope with the occasional one that slips through manually.
    I hate the capcha, partly due to the silly numbers where they photograph them out of focus from ages away and I'm supposed to know by magic if it's a 5 or an 8!

  3. I too hate the captcha, luckily I haven't had any issue with spam so far (one or two comments, both caught by blogger).

    I think if I do have an issue, I'll try having all comments approved before publishing, but depending on the amount of spam I imagine that becomes unmanageable sometimes!


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