Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This year...

I'm going to be ahead of the game come Christmas.

Pattern: Simple Ribbed Handwarmers
Yarn: Jo-Ann Sensations Bamboo & Ewe Patterns
Needles: US size 1 (2.25mm)

This was the perfect knitting pattern to keep in my purse. I seriously reccomend it for those of you who only get a few random bursts of knitting time like me. I normally hate ribbing, but since it was just a travel project I was done before I knew it.

The resulting wristees are very cozy and very wearable. I like that you can fold up the bottom half for extra warmth around the wrist.

I am working on my second Christmas present (the sweater for my neice) but it is proving to take a lot longer because... well, honestly I think I messed up. It's an easy fix if I did; I would just have to add length. But I want to finish the sleeves first to see if it's necessary and part of me KNOWS it is necessary and so I'm choosing to avoid the inevitible by not finishing the sleeves. What's sad is that I know this, and yet I still REALLY want to cast on something new and pretend the Christmas sweater doesn't exist.

I have been well, for those wondering- I realize I haven't gotten a lot of blogging time on here...But I do have some wonderful books to share! A new used bookstore came into town and I bought all their knitting-related goodies. My knitting bookshelf is getting pretty full at this time, but I know I'll be taking some time every few weeks to peruse their shelves for new additions. After I take some time to really read and review my new/used books (the best kind because they're rarely more than $5) I'll come along and tell you all about them.

Happy knitting!

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