Monday, September 3, 2012

August in Review

Wow it is already September? Sweater weather is arriving- can you feel it?
This morning before work it was chilly enough outside to don a hand-knit sweater, and the hat I finished this afternoon seemed useful and almost practical instead of ridiculously premature like the last few I made.

Anyway, knitting-wise not a whole lot got done this month due to working nearly (last week I was scheduled an infuriating 39.75 hours) full-time.

September Finished Objects
Links to Rav project pages
1) Nethergarments
2) Ribwarmer
3) Fairly Easy Fair Isle  (which, by the way, I decided to keep for myself)

 3 projects completed. 3 less than last month, but they were all larger-scale items and so I'm pretty happy overall. Especially since I started and finished the Fairly Easy Cardigan within the Project: Stash KAL deadline.

Techniques Learned
Hm. ... I practiced procrastination, does that count?

Goals for August:
1) Finish The Ugly Sweater
2) Learn Afterthought Pocket Technique
3) Crochet a baby sweater (Either the Pee-Wee or the Beyond Rectangles)
4) Swatch and start Calligraphy Cardigan (I want to KAL with Project Stash)
5) Sock Knit (Patchwork socks are ideal)

Just like last month, I didn't complete any of my knitting goals. But I think that's because these days my knitting goals look like this: Knit.
And if I do any of it that's good enough for me.

Goals for September
1) Work on Vine Yoke Cardigan

As for my IRL yarn purchases?
I bought an obscene amount of Patons Classic Wool.... somewhere around 14 skeins- none of which have been actually knit up and half of which are still in my trunk in case of a knitting emergency.(remind me to toss some needles in there, too.)
I also bought 7 skeins of Hobby Lobby I Love This Wool, and perhaps a few skeins of sock yarn.
And maybe some more sock yarn, and a few skeins of dk weight cashmere and also some Patons DK Superwash....

and also that skein of discount yak yarn. What? It was a stressful month!
P.S. I'll be reviewing the DK superwash soon.

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