Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A list, sort of...

1) My Yak hat is finished, and it actually fits on a human head. But I put it on a Styrofoam head for this picture because on my actual head you couldn't see the stitch definition. But it does actually fit, which is great news because I usually make my hats a size XXL.

I sort of just made up this cute trellis pattern as I went, and the top of the hat is just k1 p1 ribbing because I lost the attention span to make the pattern continue with the decreases.

2) I started knitting a new project- finally using up some of the wonderful yarn sent to me in a Tiny Owl Knits swap. Today I had to go to the county to take care of some business and earned myself almost 3 whole hours of knitting time!
 Everyone in line was all complaining and saying, "This line is horrible!" and I was just like "WOOT!" As you can (perhaps not) see it's just a plain ol' triangular garter stitch shawl. I'm planning on knitting up the entire ball (probably 350 yards) in garter stitch and then I have a second ball of plain white sock yarn that I'm going to use to add on a trim. I haven't decided whether to do a crochet trim, a fancy knit border, or just a ton of ribbing. But I have plenty of time to think on it.

3) I bought some yarn.
I headed over to The Urban Sheep in Modesto, had a nice chat with Molly, and picked up some Anzula Squishy. It really IS squishy. These skeins want desperately to be a Damask.
They had a back room full of $5 yarn as well and I couldn't resist taking home a chunky skein of this Naturally Alpine 14 ply which is reminiscent of Cascade Eco Wool but doesn't smell quite as sheep-y. There's 240 yards of it and I'm not sure WHAT it wants to be...

4) The needles I'm knitting my new shawl on are rosewood needles.
I got them on sale at Joann's for $2.97.

5) The other morning my son pulled my giant rubber maid stash container out from under my bed, rummaged until he found something he liked (it was a red ball of SWTC's Amaizing) and cuddled it saying, "I want to yarn it in the ballwinder!!" Trying to convince him that it was actually already wound into a ball did no good but it was very cute to watch, especially once he decided that he wanted to knit it instead and stabbed it with a pair of 7's for almost 20 minutes.

6) This.

I realize it may not look like much now, but it is going to be this.
And you can't convince me that's not awesome.

And that's what's going on over here. Hope you're doing well with a lovely beverage and a lap full of yarn.


  1. 1) damask is the most beuatiful thing ever.

    2) and totoro is the most awesome thing ever.

  2. I love the colors on your shawl! And I can't wait to see totoro!


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