Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Shark Attack!

Back in March, I decided to knit a pair of toddler sweaters. The first on, The Teddy Bear was made quickly, but other projects got in the way of the second shark-inspired hoodie. Well, after reading some inspiring knitting books and realizing that I, too, can design my own projects I decided to finally cast on.
Here is my shoddy rough draft drawing of the sweater in question:

The design is still in the works (Read: I'm not entirely sure I can make the hood thing happen, and that is an awful lot of teeth to  consider) but I've done quite a bit of knitting already.
This will be my first time designing a sweater knit flat with set-in sleeves, and I was hoping to use it to practice my seaming skills.

I finished the back in one evening and decided to work both fronts up to "about" where I plan on starting the neck shaping so that both pieces are the same length. I'm nearly to that point.

(P.S. See how uneven my knitting is? That's why I never knit flat- but I recently learned how to make perfectly even flat knitting! But since I did my swatch a long time ago I did it the ugly way for simplicity. This is just a prototype anyways.)

So that's where I'm at with this little project. I still have some maths to do for the sleeve cap shaping, and then it's just finishing finishing finishing. Which, no matter what, there will be a ton of thanks to the zipper, the teeth, and the possible crazy sharky hood.

That's the fun part, anyways. ;)

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  1. so amazing! you are such a speedy knitter, look forward to seeing some more progress!

  2. I hope you do tackle the hood, it sounds awesome! Perhaps felt teeth would make it slightly more doable?

  3. I hope you can do the hood, that would be so cool XD

  4. Awesome idea. I look forward to seeing how you do it!

  5. It looks great. I'm postive you can do the hood. :-)

  6. I love watching designs develop! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  7. Shark Attck will be great...Congrats on designing it yourself..


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