Sunday, July 22, 2012

A wee update

A few items are languishing.... the Ugly Cardigan, now that it has had it's glorious steeking moment, lies untouched in the closet. My striped pants, though very fun to work on, have grown large and cumbersome. The socks now bore, the colorful hats lack charm, and the ribwarmer (lacking yarn to complete) depresses.

In short my knitting mojo seems to be missing.

This morning I pulled out the Ugly Cardigan. It's truly almost done. I only have to add on the buttons, do the afterthought pockets, and sew on the elbow patches.

Did you notice that the one-of-a-kind, unique, hand-crafted and hard-won rosewood buttons didn't make the cut for this sweater? It turns out I really, really, REALLY, wanted at least 5 buttons for this sweater. This set, acquired after the wooden button went missing and before it was found, is a set of 6 plastic shanked buttons. I quite like them, and this way the wooden buttons can be saved for something that really fits their style.

In case you don't remember: I didn't add buttonholes to this cardigan. I had planned for I-cord tabs, and then once I put them into place they looked... not-good. So the plan has changed and I have been looking into my options.

In the end, I decided that I'm a big fan of cutting into my knitting and that I might as well employ EZ's afterthought buttonhole. It is a simple snip and sew method which can be found in Knitting Without Tears.

And then? I remembered that I used up every last smidgen of the Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool and couldn't really do anything without at least a few yards of it. I though about frogging the elbow patches since in practice they are not very attractive. But in the end it all boiled down to "my knitting mojo seems to be missing." And so the Ugly Cardigan went right back into the bag.

So basically I am getting absolutely nothing done over here, and I don't even know why I bothered to tell you.

Maybe I'll pick up one of those crochet projects today...

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