Thursday, July 26, 2012

A fun diversion

Today I had some extra time in the morning to pore over my blog subscriptions, and it put me in a right good mood. (Even before I had my coffee!)
One post that especially had me thinking, was this cute description of  what a knitting podcast sounds like to a non-knitter, on Knit, Nicole, Knit!. It cracked me up- and made me wonder what the other members of my household think when I'm on my bed, needles clicking, laughing hysterically at basically a radio show about knitting.
Me? I love knitting podcasts. I have very little time during which to sit and listen to them (while knitting, of course) and therefore only have 1 that I listen to religiously (Never Not Knitting.) but on the whole I think they're wonderful diversions from my own knitting life.

So. Speaking of my own knitting life... Like many other knitters I am often afflicted with startitis. In fact yesterday I started 2 new projects and had to restrain myself to prevent the start of yet another sweater. One of the projects I started yesterday is quite boring to look at and is just an inch or so of stockinette in the round with a garter stitch hem. It's a funny, soft, 100% acrylic yarn I found at Big Lots in an insane electric blue color. It's (eventually) going to be a sweater. (That no human being should wear.)

The other is also not very photogenic, but at least I have a picture of what I'm going for.
Meet Mars

Invented in the summer of 2009, this cute little doll was knit in plain ol' acrylic yarns and with no pattern or forethought. I did, however, have the sense to write down what I did on a sheet of Hello Kitty binder paper I had at the time. The Hello Kitty binder paper- I had thought- was lost to time. Then, in a cleaning rampage spurred by a lost birth certificate, it re-appeared.
Rejoice! (Though in case you're wondering, the birth certificate did NOT reappear.)

At any rate, I have cast on for a new doll, this time for my niece. (Yes, it says something about me that I would rather knit her a new one than entertain the idea of giving her mine.)
Unfortunately my directions are....not-good.
Seriously. This is what it says to do for the front:
CO 20 sts gray
St st stripe pattern on front:
(2 gray, 2 yellow) for 18 rows
Shape Armhole:
K2tog, k through
P2tog, p through
K2tog, k through
P2tog, p through
St st 3 rows, following pattern.
For back, ignore all striping.

Ok well it makes sense. I could follow the directions and made a cute little front to the new doll.  But 3 years later and I'm just looking at myself like, Seriously? That's how you'd do that? Like using k2tog instead of ssk. I know I only did that because I didn't know about ssk, not because it looked better there. And the WHOLE thing is worked flat, in pieces.
Like am I even the same PERSON????
So long post without much continuity.
And last but not least, an incredibly bad picture of the new doll in progress.

Can you even see that at all?
No. Not really. Oh well. Purple and yellow for the dress, pink for the skin color, and the hair will be done in wild scraps. I swear this whole infatuation with creating little dolls came from the fact that my niece got one of those LaLaLoopsy dolls. Basically I want one. This one.
I'm seriously going to finish this project for tomorrow.
I haven't had a finished object in soo long!!! It's getting sad.

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