Friday, July 12, 2013

Baby hat

So after I gave my co-workers the sock (and she gave me a hug, expressing all the delightful things one hopes a recipient will do) I found myself with hands itching for something else to knit. The small cardigan I'm designing wouldn't do- I do hate 100% acrylic so much, and after working with the delightful Cascade Heritage I guess my hands had gotten spoiled. In fact, all I wanted to knit with was the leftovers from the sock!
But how much yarn was there?
Out of the blue I suddenly remembered this handy little gadget I had bought at work: A yardage counter!
It worked just like it's supposed to. My only complaints so far are: the stupid suction cups don't stick well enough so I had to hold it down to the table, and it makes a horrible screechy sound as the yarn runs though it. Also, if you're running the yarn through your ballwinder it makes your ball too tight. But that's probably only because I was busy trying to hold it down and wasn't able to tension the yarn.

So with 136 yards and a quick ravelry search (hee hee I said quick ravelry search) I had a pattern in hand and a plan to make my niece's expected baby a cute little hat! Remember how newborns are so small and cute! Yeah. This baby is going to be born in January, and unlike the last batch of babies (where about 5 of my relatives were having babies all at once) s/he is the only one of his/her time so s/he is going to be knit spoiled!

God I hope that sentence even made sense.

Oh well.
Long story short. I'm making a hat.

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