Friday, July 5, 2013

Mini Update

Hello Knittens

I had a very mediocre 4th of July- right up until the part where I realized that fake smiling my way through hours of explosions, drunk people, and loud music just isn't my style. So I went indoors, turned on a movie (The Hobbit) and wound a ball of sock yarn.

Yarn: Cascade Heritige Silk Paints
Needles: US 1
Pattern: 3x1 Garter Rib Socks
I'm not sure what exactly I'm going to do with this pair of socks. They're a mermaid-y blue green color, so definitely my style. I might just have to keep them, although I've recently become aware of just how little I wear my own hand-knit socks. My mom, on the other hand, LOVES my hand-knit socks so they might end up going to her. On the other hand I have a co-worker that wears hand-knit socks from her daughter and she totally makes me yummy baked goods. Since I'm a knitter, not a baker, these could be a good gift for her.

Either way, they're great for knitting at home watching TV but probably not for going to the movies.... Luckily I'm still working on my cardigan. Which is still looking too small. Why don't I listen to my intuition? I'm going tp knit 5.5" k2 p2 ribbing and then do the small 1x1 ribbed belt and then work about 2 inches of the stockinette/cable portion before I finally fess up to myself that, yeah, it's too small.

Just watch.

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