Saturday, July 6, 2013

My foot is a dangerous porcupine

Last night I knitted through Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and then 2 episodes of Futurama.
More sock than I had yesterday!
In other news I rummaged through 6 repack boxes and found a mere 5 balls of clearance yarn that I could possibly entertain knitting up. There was a lot of Patons Sock yarn, but in awful colorways. What I did end up with is some Lion Brand Tweed Stripes in colorway Orchid. This is a yarn I've been wanting to try, but I've been reluctant to pay the $6 per skein for a yarn essentially made of plastic. But the color is nice and I thought my little niece might enjoy having a cute hat and sweater set this Christmas.
I'm not sure whether I want to start swatching the new yarn or keep working on my sock... I did want to have one whole sock done by tonight!

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