Thursday, February 7, 2013

Eggy Piggy

I started a new cute little project yesterday morning.
My boyfriend found Creature Crochet by Kristen Rask at one of our local used bookstores: the whole kit with all the original pieces and book for $6. He bought it for me because there's an adorable ensemble of Alley Cats that he knew I would want. There's even a pattern for the garbage cans they hang out in! The Ravelry link is here if you want to see all 12 of the cute animal patterns.

The one I chose to crochet first is the "Eggy Pig." I admit that the name had a lot to do with me wanting to make this project. "Eggy Pig" is like the cutest name ever.

And here he is, my fat little Eggy Piggy:

I know, I know, he's very cute.
But he's technically incomplete: The pattern instructs me to crochet two little piggy arms and two little piggy feet and then sew them all on. However, I hate sewing things up. It's possibly enough to make me decide not to give him legs at all. After all, like this he's far more aerodynamic. Which is important in a pig!

What do you think? Legs, or no legs?


  1. As-is, I think Eggy is pretty cute! Perfect for tossing about- I mean, what better was is there to end an argument, then by throwing a crocheted pig head? None! He is perfect, but probably needs a few friends to hang out with ;)

    Those Alley Cats are adorable!

    1. I think he's perfect as is, but my 2 year old son won the argument when I showed it to him. The first thing he said was, "Why did you make a pig... with no legs?"
      Then he got upset because it also didn't have a mouth. But I showed him the picture, in which the pig doesn't have a mouth. And I explained that pigs don't need mouths because they oink through their noses. (I'm so glad he didn't ask if they also eat through their noses.)
      So I got off the hook on the mouth, but the pig still needs arms and legs. haha

  2. Very cute! the worst thing about amigurumi is the putting together :( I like him as a head!

    I recently bought a book called 'best in show' about knitting cats. I want to knit a whole cat army. better to be a crazy cat lady with fake cats methinks.

  3. I don't think you can go wrong either way!

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  5. No arms! No legs! He's perfect just the way he is!

  6. Oh he's adorable! No arms and legs needed. Tell your 2 yr old Eggy's one of the piggies from the angry birds game. They have no arms and legs, only wicked faces :-).


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