Friday, July 18, 2014

Hammerhead Shark

My son has taken a great interest in my knitting, now that he is four. Suddenly, he recognizes that all the cute toys that are in my knitting books are actually... possibilities. The yarn under the bed, all the colors and textures are all just toy waiting to happen. After I made him a manta ray for his birthday (did I ever show off the manta ray? It's crocheted.)

Anyway, after that, it's like he suddenly realized that mom can make ocean toys. He immediately requested a hammerhead shark. A quick ravelry search indicated that there are few knitted hammerhead sharks, fewer still that are free. I ended up going with this small, slightly fat hammerhead.

My son picked the yarn, a purple, and we sat down to watch Tarzan 2.

By the end of the movie I had something like a hammerhead shark!

I still have the fins, mouth, and eyes to do, but after the movie I had to go to work, leaving my son with my fiance who, alas, cannot knit. My son was very upset about this lack of knitting, and when I got home he immediately gave the project back to me demanding I complete it. "We have to finish it!" he always says, as if he has any part in making or assembling the thing!
It is now morning, and he is still asleep. I think I shall work on the fins, and try to surprise him with it when he awakens.
Happy knitting!


  1. So cute! My son is five and constantly asking for knitted and crocheted superheroes. I'm not a big fan of making toys (too fiddly), but how can you resist when they want something you've made?!

    1. I agree: toys ARE fiddly!
      I hate making them, in all honesty, but they do end up so cute!


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