Friday, July 18, 2014

Hammerhead Shark, finished!

It took me about an hour to finish up the hammerhead, so in total he only took maybe 3.5 hours and he's very cute and full of personality for such a quick knit! I mean, same amount of time and I could have a boring hat.
The eyes were the most challenging part: the pattern suggested three rows of single crochet to "close" the eyes. I couldn't make that look good. Also, I'm not the best at embroidery so I just sewed buttons on.
I must admit, the mouth on this toy was impressively designed. It's actually a three needle bind off that creates a perfect hammerhead mouth, which you then outline with black embroidery thread. (Unless you're my son, in which case you pick pink)
The hammerhead's head was also clever, and ultimately I really enjoyed the pattern although it did have a few questionable sections. (Which, honestly, it's a free pattern so I don't expect it to be perfect, and I figured out the bits that didn't make sense.)

 A few knitters have mentioned that the shark isn't really... long enough? I did consider while knitting to lengthen the body before I got to the head shaping. That would have increased his anatomical correctness, but perhaps diminished his cute-ness. Besides, I thought at the time, then it would take longer to knit! All in all I'm quite happy with him- short, fat body and all! And my son is in love with him- named him the incredibly creative "Ham-hammerhead."

OH! And for those wondering what yarn I used: I have no idea. This ball of yarn literally came from nowhere- my son handed to me in a tangled mess that I'm pretty sure he found in a box of his toys. It's probably an acrylic blend, perhaps Wool-Ease, although I don't remember buying purple wool-ease... May be Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn, on second thought because I remember being gifted some of that and using part of the ball on a hat and then losing the rest.... Must be.

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