Friday, April 11, 2014

Done already!

I guess one thing that's great about doubling your yarn is halving your time!
Canon Baby Soft, held double
Size 10 needles 

12 st/4"
20 rn/4"

I have one more ball of this yarn, which is good because I don't really swatch for hats, and after knitting this hat I feel like I can make a better fitting one the next time around.

I really like the length of slouch though, in this hat. And you know what's cool?
It's technically reversible ;)
This yarn really literally jumped out at me. I was in line at Big Lots and somebody had chosen it and then decided at the last minute not to get it, so they just put it right there next to the register. Well I saw it, saw the color and just couldn't resist, especially since on 360 yard ball goes for $2.50! Even though it's a 100% acrylic it is really soft and nice to knit with. And since it is washable and dry-able this hat can make its way to any one of my friends or relatives during the holidays!

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