Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sweater Curse?

I just finished my swatch for the next sweater I will be working on.

I experimented with a few stitch patterns but ultimately decided on stockinette, as boring as that will be. My swatch is also a hat, and the color is truer in the next picture.
The sweater in question is Anything For Love, a men's top-down raglan sweater, and the yarn is a sport-weight acrylic yarn I found cheap at Big Lots called "Baby Soft". It is indeed very soft, and the price was definitely right: I bought 10 skeins for about $25 and plan on making two sweaters out of it: one for a 43" chest and one for a 24" chest! Then my two favorite boys can match. (PS for my own information the hat was knit with a size 4 needle on 100 stitches- it's a perfect fit on my noggin!!) Each skein contains 363 yards, so I hope I will even have some left over to make Archie another little dog sweater and all my boys can match!

So for all of you who have heard of the Sweater Curse?  The man I'm knitting this sweater for is not yet my husband, so you'll have to keep an eye on this blog to see if there's any truth to that sweater curse!

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