Friday, May 17, 2013

Technically wearable

I mean
Eco wool grows, but not this much.

Always optimistic, I added 4 buttonholes instead of 1, and even went down a needle size, telling myself that I knit loosely and eco wool grows. It's a bit small.
Not incredibly, and it WILL grow.
But there's no way 4 buttons is happening.

The only thing I'm disappointed by so far is that the neckline starts a little high. I should have done as others have and cast on 77 instead.

Doesn't it look wee?
I can walk away from 1 night's work, though. I've set it to block and I'll give it some thought in the morning.
Maybe I"ll frog it and try again.
I wouldn't feel too bad, even though every single one of those purl through the back loops made me feel icky.


  1. I'd say frog if you're not happy with it. You don't want to invest all that time in something you don't like the fit of. Just do it quick like ripping off a bandaid :-)

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