Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week 21... of the Super Stitches Knitting Project

This week's swatches were:
1) Woven Rib
2) Supple Rib
3) Lacy Rib

Week 21 swatches together

SWATCH 1: Woven Rib
This stitch is not stretchy at all. It does look like it is woven, though, and it would be quite pretty in a glossier yarn.
Woven Rib Swatch
 It was also very simple to do, although I imagine if you weren't paying attention you might forget that the yarn forwards aren't purls. Some of my knit stitches came out pretty loose, and I'm hoping this one blocks out a bit...

SWATCH 2: Supple Rib
I had to bring out the big guns for this one. After reading the directions, "K1, K1 but leave on LHN, yfwd, P1 into same and next st tog, ybk," about six times and trying once or twice, I had to give up and go online for a video, which you can find here.
Supple Rib Swatch
 I really didn't like the way this one came out. I'm not sure if it's the yarn, or if I should have used bigger needles or what, but it doesn't look as defined as the picture did. Or the video, for that matter. But I know I did it right, so I guess when I sew it into the blanket I'll stretch it out a little. It looks better like that.
This one wasn't stretchy, either. I guess because every even row was a plain purl row.

SWATCH 3: Lacy Rib
This one was a 4 row repeat, and it was a very simple lace stitch.
Lacy Rib Stitch
Of course, it kind of lays scrunched up and so for the picture I stretched it out really quickly, which is why it looks kind of wonky. I don't really like the criss-cross effect. That was done by alternating the increase and the decrease every other odd row. (So on row 1's I would do a YO, SKP and then on row 3's I would do a K2tog, YO.) I guess that's just how it's supposed to look, but I don't care for it.

So that's it for this week. I have run out of Fisherman's wool, so I'm not sure if I'll be doing a Super Stitches post next week. I'm kind of on a yarn diet, but I actually bought yarn two days ago to knit my son a hat. So maybe I'll pick up another ball before next week, maybe not.
At any rate, the next three swatches will be:
1) Openwork Rib
2) Raised Eyelet Rib
3) Blanket Rib

Raised Eyelet Rib looks really fun. :)
Happy Knitting!

(P.S. I did knit Vyvyan that hat, and I'll have him model it for you guys soon. I like to do outdoor pictures because my house is dimly lit and right now he's sort of sniffly and I'm keeping him indoors. It's really cute though, I promise)

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  1. I like the first one. I should really start branching out and trying patterns with new effects. I shy away from anything that looks complicated.


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