Monday, November 28, 2011

FO: A simple hat (or two)

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it on the blog, but I have been on a yarn diet. It started when Mooncalf announced that she wasn't buying yarn until Christmas. I thought, hey I can do that too.

Well, turns out I couldn't. My lovely bf brought me to my LYS and... well there must be something wrong with me or something because I can't just visit the LYS and not buy yarn. I tried to just buy a magazine, or a darning needle, or a sweater shaver, but I couldn't not buy yarn! Something about how we should support local businesses. Maybe because since I moved to Stockton I saw 3 yarn shops close and I don't want it to happen anywhere else again, ever. (But if that were the case would I buy so much of my yarn online?) I don't know.

Anyways, I decided to pick out a super soft yarn so I could knit my son a hat that he would actually wear. I rummaged in the sale bin and found a nice ball of Rowan Cashsoft DK in white for a few dollars off. It was perfect: soft, squishy, on sale, and a yarn I've always wanted to try. But I decided to make a striped hat and so I bought one at regular price as well, in a nice grey.

From the second I put the two yarns next to eachother, I knew exactly what kind of hat I wanted. I love when you know exactly what the yarn is going to be. So often I find myself buying yarn just because it's beautiful or because it's cheap or because I can always use a ball of Cascade 220.

So, when I got home, the hunt on Ravelry began but there was no hat like the one in my head! So I just made it up as I went along, and you know what?
It's perfect.
He likes it!
It has quite a bit of stretch and I think he's going to be able to wear it for a really long time. Like, while I was knitting it I was afraid it was going to be monstrous, because it fit on my head!
I was concerned for a while.
But in the end it came out great.

I'm hoping I can find a little felt train at Michaels or something. He's much more likely to wear something if there's a train on it. I was thinking I could sew it on right above one of the ears of something so it's kind of off to the side.

With the leftovers I made another little hat, in about size 6-12 months. It's the same except that I used white for the ribbing instead of grey and I used size 3 needles throughout and for Vyvyan's I used 6's.
Mediocre webcam picture...
I'm going to sew a little felt heart onto this one, but I'm not sure who exactly it's for yet.

Oh, and while I'm here I might as well mention the yarn.
I loved it! I loved squishing it in the ball, I love squishing it in the hat, and I loved knitting with it. However, in one of the balls (the one I bought at full price, too) there were more than 4 knots! I was so upset. I kept having to untie them and join them in and then weave them in at the end. It was really frustrating especially because I thought Rowan was supposed to be sort of classy. Nevertheless, I will probably buy again. But only for hats and other accessories; I hear it pills quite a bit, and it's way too expensive to make a garment with.

Oh well. These little hats were a lot of fun! I'm glad I broke my yarn diet. Especially because now that both hats are done, there is very little evidence. ;)

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  1. While a yarn diet is a great concept, as a knitter I find it virtually impossible to achieve. After all, it's our passion, right? And look what you created with your new balls of yarn! The hat is absolute perfection (I love stripes). As for the knots in the wool -- awful! It's so disappointing when that happens especially in, as you say, high-end yarn.


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