Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fish Design #1

Well, I worked pretty hard to make this ugly little guy. I used short row shaping on the tail, although about halfway through I realized there was a better way to go about it.
I'm going to want to remeber what I did, so here's some general guidlelines:

What I did was, after I knit the straight bit, decreased SHARPLY. (remember that?)
So the way I did that was to do a double dec left slanting, then a double dec right slanting again like a toe, but sharper. Then, After I got down to I think 14 stitches, I separated the stitches and used a new needle to make each half its own little tube for the fins. I used ribbing, which I decided I won't do next time because it looks  stupid and with all the M1s it gets weird. So i increased steadily to create the fins, then did the short rows, then bound off all the middle stitches and then bound off the fin stitches with the 3 needle bind off. I picked up the other fins pretty normally, shaping the top fin a lot and shaping the other two very little. I picked up 6 st with the side fins. 2 rows plain, k2tog, k 2, k2tog one row, then another 2 plain then BO. The top fin was k1 p1 ribbing and i would decrease by 1 at the purl side and then bind off one or two at the RS until abotu 4 were left then I bound all those off together.

Fish Design 2 is coming up soon.

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