Tuesday, December 13, 2022

FO's: A pair of Mittens and an Xmas Sweater

 Ahhh December 13th.

So many fond memories.... This day 8 years ago was my last drink of alcohol. This day 8 years ago I said my marriage vows. This day 5 years ago my Father-in-law shot himself in the head in the backyard and took his life.

I, too, struggle with depression and can understand why he did it. Sometimes I think if I could go back in time and change my life ... where would I go back to? Before I got married? Before I had my first son? Before I got suspended from school? And I settle on, nahhh I would go back to when I was 12 years old and FIRST considered suicide and fucking go ahead and do it and save the world all the misery I have brought upon it. 


That's what's on my mind.

Nonetheless she knits.

Mittens for my daughter, to keep her 7 year old hands warm in the snow. Made with Knit Picks Wool of The Andes, and stranded so they should insulate well. It's a free pattern, and one that I've made before. I made the same pattern for my son when he was 4 years old. Heaven only knows where those went off to. These will probably be lost soon, as well.

And then for my niece, a sweater for Xmas.

Is that me wearing a 10-year-old's sweater? Well yes. Hopefully I can get a pic of her wearing it that is more flattering. This one was made with a Joann yarn called "Big Twist Reverb" and I actually quite liked it. It's got 311 yds per ball and took only 3 to make this sweater. It's soft, it's washable, and there were no knots or major inconsistencies with the yarn as I worked it. I may have to purchase some more of this... (Like I don't already have enough yarn- let alone sweaters! How many sweaters do I think I can wear?)

The pattern is Magnolia Bloom JR and, though you can't tell due to the yarn I chose, it has a gorgeous yoke pattern with bobbles and yarn overs. Hopefully it will show better on her smaller frame. But either way. It's there. I did a thing. I made it.

As for my house & craft room.... well... 

Things may turn out pretty poor soon. Nobody in my personal life reads this blog so I guess I can say: I'm fairly sure my husband has been using Meth and a divorce may be in my near future. That would lead to a big upheaval of my whole family/life. And knitting, of course, falls by the wayside.


She knits on.

Hoping you also have courage to keep making things.


  1. I really like your sweaters. :) and 👎 meth

    1. Well I think you and your artwork is very beautiful. And I like reading your blog. Sucks that life is hard and bummer sometimes. Wish I could go back to being a carefree kid :)


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