Friday, October 7, 2022

One year in our new home~!!

Wow - I have had a busy year! Changing jobs, switching insurance & trying to find a good medication for my chronic illnesses has been challenging. But throughout it all, one stitch at a time, I did complete a few projects.

The first one I want to share is Gowanus. This fun, bulky collared pullover by Sandi Prosser was quick to work up in Big Twist Natural Blend Solids yarn in "Peony Pink" colorway.

I did modify the sleeves, because the garter stitch edges didn't sit right with me. I ended up pulling out the cast-on and re-knitting in a K1P1 rib.

I made this sweater as a gift for a friend, and I do hope she likes it! She likes pink. The Collar is kind of a reach- not sure how that will go over, but I'm sending it with a note that basically says: "hey I am NOT hurt if you never ever wear this and end up donating it or selling it as a 'handmade item'."

Personally, I would keep a sweater if someone made it for me. But for me, the important part was making it, thinking of her, and making the gesture of giving it to her.

I have more to share, but again I'm so busy!!! 

Hope you are making time to craft something beautiful ❤

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