Wednesday, February 14, 2018

WIP Wednesday- some Norwegian Knits

I've recently been quite fascinated with Norway. The fascination has always been there behind the scenes- wanting to go to the Museum of Norwegian Knitting History outside Bergan, the famous ski sweaters and selbu mittens, etc. But when I purchased and read "Everyday Knitting: Treasures from a Ragpile" by Annemore Sundbo a few years ago, Norway became even more exciting for me: I digested Norway's Wikipedia page one evening, I googled prices for air travel another, and I found out when the next Norwegian knitting cruise/retreat was and how much it would be (too much for me). I learned how one could gain citizenship. I searched about the climate, the seasons, the fascinating Midnight Sun. I could write a report my high school self would envy about Norway!

Of course I especially loved reading about the traditional knitwear of Norway! I wanted to knit a nice pair of Selbu mittens. I wanted to make a fossekofte. A setesdalkofte. A vosskofte. I wanted to knit all the things. All the things kept getting put on the backburner until I found Skeindeer Knits (A Norwegian living and knitting in London) and I fell in love with her personality and her style of knitting. This was in October 2017. I cast on for my Setesdal very soon after. Now that the setesdal is finished with- Did I ever share photos? No? Here you go:

With the sweater finished I had plans to make a Fana next, but then my husband surprised me with this wonderful book (I think he was looking at my Amazon wishlist!) and I immediately cast on for a pair of stranded mittens.

Knit on size 000 needles (!) these things are taking forEVER. I cast on December 25th and I have barely finished the first mitten! Still, every time I try the mitten on I have to admire it. I adore the little flowers. This is made with stash yarn (of course), Knit Picks Palette. I have lots more Palette in similar colors and I will probably make a few pairs of mittens from the book. Um... I'll use larger needles next time though for sure!

Eventually I'd like to try to knit a traditional red and white pair with some Rauma Finullgarn... After my Cold Sheeping is over, of course.

Happy Knitting! And Happy Valentines day!

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