Thursday, February 9, 2017

January Review an ongoing WIP and my newest FO

Well, the first month of the new year has gotten away from us.
I just reviewed my purchases and finished objects and found good things!
I bought 1200 yards of new stash, and used up 1549 yards.
I made a cowl, which will be a Christmas present.
I made a Christmas Stocking, which was a commissioned knit for next Christmas.
I made a GORGEOUS beanie, that doesn't quite have a destination yet but it might be gifted next year too.
And I made a sweater for my daughter.
So 4 projects total for the month of January.

My goals for February are:
1) Finish Randy's birthday socks. (His birthday is in March)
2) Start Mom's birthday socks (Her birthday is in April)
3) Knit an Ombre hat
4) Knit a hat for charity
5) Start Penelope's Tomten

I've also been working on something of a different nature: A knitting journal. I had initially meant to take a video flip through for you guys, but my kids kept barging in on it; they always have to be the center of attention.
I am using templates from, and filling out my project details as I go. It's proving to be quite fun! I used to do this ten years ago in a blank craft paper book, but it was so sloppy and unattractive I gave up on the idea.
I find the binder to be neater and easier to keep organized and attractive. Plus I'm using sheet protectors so I can slip in the whole pattern if need be.

Finally, I started and completed a sweater. My Must Have Cardigan is waiting in a bag, but the cables are too fiddly for relaxing and multi-tasking. I like to knit while I read my textbooks and I like to unwind at night knitting and watching TV, so I dug through my stash and found a few skeins of Lion Brand Homespun, and cast on for Nutmeg- a free pattern on Ravelry

But it evolved into something that was not nutmeg. I tried it on, and while it was warm and cozy, it was lacking something and I still had yarn. So I picked up around the neckline and knitted up a hood. That helped some, but now it definitely needed a pocket. I made the pocket in just about a half hour, and then it was complete! I cast on this project on January 30 and completed it February 9. Not bad for someone who goes to school full time and works part time! I wish I could get that kind of almost- instant gratification with every project I knit.

I should find out tomorrow whether I have the weekend of Stitches West off of work. If I do, exciting! If I don't, then another goal for February is to not buy any new yarn. I truly have plenty.

Just look at that pile of yarn!


As always, happy knitting!

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