Friday, August 28, 2015

FO Friday: Revere House Cardigan

This is one of those projects that has been "in the making" for way too long. First I had to save up for the yarn. Then I was honestly too afraid to cast on because I wanted this sweater to be perfect. PERFECT! And I know perfection is a lot to ask, especially when seams, cables, and hand dyed yarn comes along. But I'm glad to say that I finally finished my Revere House Cardigan.
Unfortunately I am 6 months pregnant and can't actually model it for you, so instead I've got a picture of my beautiful mother wearing it. And yes, she wants one too now!!
Knitted with Malabrigo Twist in colorway sealing wax.
There were some mistakes in the pattern...I wish I had written down exactly where they were so I could be more helpful to others, but alas, I just worked through them.
It is warm, snuggly, and will be a perfect fit come winter. I bought a cute little belt buckle from etsy and I might end up knitting a belt to put on the back, but I might not. It's perfect, after all.

The buttons, by the way, don't match. My son picked them out.
 Instead of balking I just sewed them alternatively and it really looks fine.
This is one of those projects that make me so happy to be a knitter! I just can't wait until I have the baby so that I can finally try it on!

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  1. That is fabulous. I'd be worried your mom wouldn't give it back! ;)


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