Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pics of the Seamless Saddle Shoulder Sweater

Now that I've completed Randy's sweater, I am working on a sweater for the dog.
Archie's sweater is nearly done. I just have some seaming to do. You know how much everyone dislikes seaming!
Should have pics of the dog in his new sweater soon! His old one fits like a little tiny vest. Poor dog truly outgrew it.


  1. It looks fantastic! Well done. I haven't yet attempted a man-sized sweater, and I may never do it.

    1. This is my second one. The first was for my brother, who is much smaller than the fiance!! Believe me, it would be all fine and dandy if they would just allow me to knit something interesting! Cables? Fair Isle? ANYTHING other than plain stockientte. But that's all they want!


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