Thursday, August 7, 2014


The sweater I started back in March has been forgiven for its endless ribbing. I've been working dutifully on it each night, finding comfort in the plain stockinette portion and texture in the seed stitch front, all the while imagining the warmth it will provide one day when it is finally complete.

I've found that lately I don't get a great many opportunities to knit.
Working part time, going to school full time, taking care of my 4 year old, grocery shopping, housework, all these things continue to get in the way of it.
Quiet moments stolen to knit and read have become treasures.

What I love about knitting is that even if I can only pick it up and work 15 stitches, that is progress. One row is progress. Half of a row is progress. Two inches is progress. One stitch is progress. One stitch at a time, these balls of yarn are becoming something else.

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