Sunday, April 14, 2013

More Lace, a new project, and some good news

Yesterday I continued my ventures in lace, and worked up the fourth swatch while watching my son and his little cousins play in the sandbox. It is VERY IMPORTANT for me to mention that I was reading Sherlock Holmes while doing so, even though the author claims that "This is the most challenging pattern in the book."

Swatch 4: Leaves and Ladders Square
This square was not exceedingly fun to knit. Especially since you had to pay attention on the purl rows, too, so I had to break from reading for the middle 20 or so stitches every right side row and every other wrong side row.
But it did come out very pretty.

So this morning I cruised back to my blog, remembering the good ol' days when I used to post more frequently, and I read my comments (I love comments) and realized that swatching is my FAVORITE way to learn things.
So why, exactly, have I not signed up for the Knitting Guild Associations Basics Basics Basics course yet? I became a member of the knitting guild at Stitches West this February, and fully intended to sign up once I got my next paycheck. But continually I put it off and finally, this morning, I did it. After the Basics Basics Basics course, I plan on moving forward and taking the Master Knitter classes until I get my pin. In my dream world, I finish this before I'm 30. So I've got a good 5 years to finish 4 knitting courses. :)

In knitting news, I have cast on a new project.
The lace theme continues.
February Lady Sweater.
It's important to mention that I'm knitting a size that won't fit me, I am not attracted to the shape or fit of the garment at all, and I don't even like the color on my skintone.
Definitely a process knitter.
I swear I should knit sample sweaters for the LYS for money.
Happy knitting!

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