Friday, March 1, 2013


Apologies for the lack of pictures: you'll find out why in a moment.

So yesterday morning I cast on for the medium size for the Spring Garden Tee, worked all the neckline shaping, joined the piece into the round and knit all of the raglan increases.

And then.
I realized I had joined into the round without checking if there was a twist.

This was the last straw in a string of difficulties involving: My printer refusing to agree that my computer was on, My mom's computer refusing to allow "Dangerous pop-ups" like the pattern I was trying to download from an email I had emailed to myself (I ended up knitting straight off my computer screen), TWO DIFFERENT DYELOTS (I failed to mention that yesterday, but that's why the swatch starts light and ends dark. The middle stripey bit was my attempt to combine them) and miscounting stitches between markers.

So I frogged the whole thing, threw it in my purse, went to work and ignored it entirely.

Ok that's not true. I decided to have a re-do at my first break. I started the cast on and only had enough yarn for 96 stitches (instead of 100). I was like, "PSH a few stitches I care not!" and worked them with every last scrap of tail. (Usually I leave a substantial tail to weave in) I knit half a row before I realized that it was pointless. That little tuft of yarn sticking out was always going to be on the right side and it would always bother me. So I pulled that out too.

Got home at 9:15. The little one was asleep.
I crept onto the bed and started re-working the cast on, happily looking forward to a nice big knit.
And then he POPPED right up and said, "I'm hungry."
It turns out he had taken an incredibly late nap and there was no knitting to be had.

So you might be like, Dang this is just a long story of crap.
BUT the point, and the reason I even mention it here is that I woke up this morning, turned on my computer and immediately heard the printer rear up.

Pattern now in hand, I'm ready for the day.


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