Thursday, December 23, 2010

Second Sock Syndrome

I have completed one EXTREMELY AWESOME piratey looking cushy ol' sock.
Here is a picture of a small portion of it:

It is really sweet.

Sweetness aside, I have 2 feet.
I have 1 sock.
I have 5 empty sock needles.
I have 3 half-knit balls of wool-ease.
I have 0 desire to knit the second sock.

I don't know anybody with only one foot.
I have considered just putting a loop on the top and making it into a really badass christmas stocking for my son, but I like them so much I'd want them all year round.
So I am doomed to making a second one.

I don't want to.

Just wait though. One day I'll post a picture of me wearing 2 really awesome piratey socks. Yes indeedy.

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