Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday- Crazy Pants

On Christmas morning, I awoke to a wonderful present from my boyfriend: Zauberballs. Four of them, in fact. They are a wonderful bright rainbow color, and I knew immediately what I wanted to make with them: Pants.

I know, I know, that's crazy. People don't make knitted pants. Well, maybe they do sometimes, but I've generally regarded it a bad idea. However, I did recently acquire The Opinionated Knitter, and there is a pattern (recipe) for "Nethergarments" that I think could be a very good thing. Especially if made with the crazy rainbow bright Zauber.

I've actually admired Nethergarments for some time, especially those with exceptional colorwork done such as Rududu's and Maritparit's, but I also know that I don't have the patience (or variety of colors) to work a pair like that. And so the Nethergarments have been on the list of things to knit....eventually.
You know that list.

Anyway, after swatching and knitting several inches and trying them on, I am LOVING this project. The yarn is soft and the color changes are amusing and there is a bit of shaping so it's interesting. The only problem is I have to try them on every few inches to make sure the shaping is going well. But when I get to the second leg I won't have to deal with that as much.
 The only problem I'm having is that I'm not really accustomed to Magic Loop yet and I'm getting ladders at the sides.
But hopefully it won't be too noticeable when they are all done and finished. I'm so excited about this project! I wear skirts almost every day and these will be very nice for the cold weather. But since I'm using a size 1 needle, I'm not expecting to finish soon.

So anyway, that's my work in progress for this week. I'm probably supposed to make the mate for my owl mitten, but somehow the pants are more compelling.
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  1. Love the colours for your pants. Had to read your post twice to make sure,
    pants, wow! Also love the owl mitten, so cute!

  2. Pant? Wow - I can't wait to see them! Lovin' the rainbow yarn!

  3. Wow - 4 balls of Zauberball! I'm jealous ;)

    Great idea on the pattern too, they're gonna look so cool. I made Zauberball socks and they are my favourites, so warm and cosy.

  4. Pants?! amazing! I have been desperately looking for the perfect pattern for fair isle shorts after seeing a pair in Anthropologie a while back.

    ive been curious about zauberball and the opinionated knitter. you'll have to tell me if theyre worthy investments. :)

  5. Great pairing of yarn & project!

  6. Not the sort of thing that I would make but it's looking good so far. I believe the ladder effect is because the loop is in the same place on the row each row so the loose stitches all line up. Try moving the loop around a bit so that the loose stitches don't line up.


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