Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Week 23....of the Super Stitches Knitting project

This week's swatches were:
1) Slipped Granite Stitch
2) Linen Stitch
3) Trinity Stitch

SWATCH 1:  Slipped Granite Stitch
Slipped Granite, RS
This textured stitch is worked by passing slipped stitches, and has a nice stretch. It leans on the bias, though, and isn't very attractive.
Slipped Granite, WS
In the book, the swatch is worked in a nice, smooth, tightly twisted yarn. I think that the yarn choice could make a huge difference with this pattern and that it deserves a second try some day.

SWATCH 2: Linen Stitch
I think this was my favorite stitch pattern in the book so far. It is so easy, and gives a result unlike any other knitting I have done.
Linen Stitch, RS
It really doesn't seem like knitting. Woven fabric, perhaps, but not knitting. It has also lost much of its elasticity, especially when tugged lengthwise. It is very tight and, even though I cast on the same number of stitches as the previous swatch, small. It is a wonderful stitch pattern, and the reverse side is equally charming.
Linen Stitch, WS
I imagine this stitch pattern would make a very nice purse. I think it's also a nice surface for embroidery. I searched Ravelry to see what people have made with Linen stitch and found this wonderful messenger bag, as well as this little purse, showing that I'm not alone in thinking it makes a nice sturdy purse material.

SWATCH 3: Trinity Stitch
Beautiful little stitch.
Trinity Stitch, RS

Much better than the gooseberry and bobble stitch of last time. My favorite thing was that it was SO incredibly simple to knit. Gooseberry stitch was an 8 row repeat with confusing variation between odd rows. Trinity stitch is a simple 4 row repeat, and rows 1 and 3 are just purl rows. The other two rows are just the same pattern, offset by 2 stitches.
Trinity Stitch, WS
 So that's my 3 swatches for this week! The slipped granite is my least favorite, by far, but on the whole I'm quite proud of them. I really need to lay out all my swatches soon and see how big this blanket is getting!

Next week:
1) Woven Brocade
2) Blackberry Stitch
3) Spine Stitch

All of which look like they will have their difficulties. Woven Brocade looks the most intimidating, and I'm afraid I may have to put aside more than one naptime next week...
Thank you for reading ;)

Happy Knitting!

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