Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January in Review

January Finished Objects
(Links to rav project pages)
  1. Toothy Joe
    late present for Nicholas
  2. Gabby the Garden Monster
    random present for Vyvyan
  3. Opal Socksknit for myself SooOOoo selfish. (fulfilling 12 socks in 12 months goal)
  4. Raccoon Mittens
    knit for Zoe, but she didn't wear them. Also to try out raccoon design.
  5. Fox Mittens
    knit for etsy shop. have yet to list
  6. Mouse Mittens
    knit for etsy shop. have yet to list
  7. Convertible Owl Mitten
    knit for me. SooOOoo selfish
  8. Spiral Fingerless Gloves
    knit for me. SooOOoo selfish
  9. Windowpane Hat
    knit for me. SooOOoo selfish. Though, I guess it could become a Christmas gift, since I don't actually wear hats very often... will reconsider.
  10. Heartfelt Ring
    knit for me. SooOOoo selfish
  11. Crocheted Washcloth
    made for mom's birthday. I want to have a 3-piece set. Her birthday is in April.
  12. Crocheted Beanie
    made to fulfill "crochet a hat in 2012" goal. 
  13. Lapghan
    made for aunt marina's birthday in February.
  14. Heather Hoodie Vest
    knit for me. SooOOoo selfish
So out of 14 knits, 6 are selfish. What a greedy person I am!

Oh well. I will put the Windowpane hat in the long-range planning box and it will turn up in someone's Christmas stocking.

What's really sad about this list of 14 finished objects is that they were all but one cast on in 2012. So far, I am not meeting my 2012 goal number 9: "Finish 5 UFO's...the ones that are just sitting there." (Out of the 13 from yesterday's post I think about 9 or 10 of them are in that category.)

I have, however, cast on for the Vine Yoke Cardigan, which is on the list.

February Goals:

1) Catching Butterflies (my THIRD pair!!)- counts toward 12 tok in 2012
2) Cecil the Computer Monster- knit for gift. either for upcoming birthday OR to be saved for xmas.
3) Vine Yoke Cardigan (though running out of yarn is an understandable excuse)
4) Calcetines Azules- 12 socks in 2012

I should really add something like the baby blanket or Mom's Mara to that list, but... but I want to cast on for a Shalom. And the baby corn dress from Superstar Knitting. Or the Empire Strikes Back dress.
There is no hope for me. Really.
I have no self-restraint.... BUT the only yarn I bought in January was the necessary Wool-Ease to complete the prototypes for my mitten design. So far the knitting from stash idea is coming along. We'll see how long that lasts.

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