Saturday, September 4, 2021

Home Sweet Home

 We are slowly getting our new place in some kind of order. This was the hardest move I've ever taken part in. We moved from a home which had been in my husband's family since 1947. There was so much JUNK there; stuff that I would consider junk but which others of course would consider treasure. It all came with us. I haven't had a chance to knit or crochet, and I've been missing it. Yesterday I picked up my crochet hook for the first time during this whole move and worked up a little swatch.

I had purchased this yarn to knit up a Chalkney Cardigan, but I may in fact make a Habitat Cardigan instead. The two main reasons for the switch are that 1) it seems a lot easier and I haven't had a lot of time for complex work and 2) I have quite a few knit sweaters and only 1 crocheted

My gauge swatch is worked on 19 sts but I can't actually measure it because I'm in the middle of moving and everything is everywhere... I'd say it's probably about 6". It might be time to make a trip to Walmart and pick up a tape measure. (To add to my giant collection, once I find it)

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Doggie Sweater

I've been working up this little crochet dog sweater.
No pattern, just half double crochet throughout. I've finished the back and now I'm starting on the front.

The other project you can see in this photo is the new house; it needs flooring. So there's not a lot of time for knitting or crochet but I'm still trying to work on some stuff here and there.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

WIPs: Perfect Pockets Shawl, a sweater, and a dog sweater

 Back in 2018, my niece Alysson showed me this photo by Sonja Hood:

It was October and she was wondering if I could knit it up for her in time for Christmas. I told her that it's crochet, and that I had already made her Christmas gift (it was a pair of socks) so she would have to wait. Shortly thereafter, I started the Perfect Pockets Shawl for her. I worked up the first section quickly, and started the middle portion- the main body of the shawl. I got about 9 rows in and then set it down to work on other things. And so it sat in my closet, for years.

I finally decided to pick it up and continue working on it and now I've gotten the main body portion done.

See the ball of yarn in the photo? It wasn't enough to complete the shawl, and now I've run out of yarn. I know I bought two giant balls of yarn for this shawl (of course I don't remember the brand) but I'm sure the second ball has been packed up and is now in storage awaiting our move. So this project is doomed to remain a work in progress a little bit longer.

Another project I've been working on is just a simple stockinette stitch sweater. I'm using Buttercream Angel Hair solids in this beautiful red color. The fiber content is 50% acrylic, 28% nylon and 22% wool. 

I'm usually not a fan of fun fur and fluffy yarn, but this stuff is sooo soft, and it was on clearance. The only color available was red- I would much rather have had a black fluffy sweater. But, the softness is exquisite and I told myself I could make a holiday sweater. So I've started it, knitting along with The Witcher series on Netflix. 

I'm about ready to cast on for the sleeves, but I've run out of episodes. Now I'll have to find something else to entertain me while I work swathes of stockinette.

One final WIP is a sweater I'm crocheting for my dog. Again in Impeccable, this time their tweedy version.

It's just a simple half double crochet rectangle that I'm shaping to his body. I'll be making another piece for the under belly area and then sew it up leaving holes for the front legs. Not sure how this one will turn out, but it's perfect for working on when I'm bored of knitting.

Hope you've got lots of projects on the go, too!

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, July 29, 2021

MOSTLY Finished Object! Spoopy Cardigan

Well, I bit the bullet and unraveled my ribbed edging of my Spoopy cardigan. At first I tried to talk myself into leaving it how it was, but who was I kidding: it was just not big enough to go around my body. So, I added two extra squares onto each front, plus I made a little triangle shaped wedge to create a sort of V-neck.

On one hand I kind of feel like it looks like a bikini top now, but on the other hand I am SO DONE working with these garish colors. So I am calling it good; I'm not even going to bother picking up and knitting a bottom border I am just setting it aside for a cold day.

All in all I'm really happy with:
1. the sleeves
2. the ugly colors
3. the snuggly warmth

My mom was a big fan of this sweater. She told me it doesn't look Halloween-y, though, that it just looks like an "outdoor sweater."

Before Halloween arrives, I might still pick up and knit the bottom border if I feel like it. After that it just needs patches, and possibly buttons. The patches I bought on Etsy are slowly starting to arrive, but I'm not sure yet how I intend to adhere them to the cardigan. I'd like them to be removable so I might use safety pins. For the buttons, I would have to do the kind that fasten with a loop because I didn't add buttonholes to the ribbing. I'm not sure whether it really needs buttons though. I like it how it is and for now it is "finished" enough.

My goal was to finish this by Friday and here we are on Thursday night. Now I can get back to work on some other projects! Tomorrow I should be getting a nice little package of yarn so I look forward to sharing that.

Happy knitting!

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Another Spoopy Update

 Sometimes, I am a monogamous knitter. Even though I might have several projects on the needles, there is one that takes favor and I'll work on it until it's complete. I think that will be the case with my Spoopy Cardigan. It's quite fun to work on, because of all the colors and also because of the variety of ways to work on it. If I get bored of making squares I can start crocheting around them in black. If I get bored of crocheting around in black, I can weave in ends. If I don't feel like weaving in ends, I can seam. And by then, crocheting squares sounds fun again!

Yesterday I completed the other half of the front, and then picked up all the stitches around the front to make a ribbed border. 

It came out soft and squishy and lovely and I think I'm going to rip it all out.

The problem is that the fronts don't come around my body as much as I would like. Which, I knew this going into the project. I knew it wasn't going to close and I thought I was fine with it. After all, Kayla's sweater doesn't close! But unfortunately Kayla is skinnier than I am and could make a potato sack look good. Enjoy this still from the video:

Meanwhile, I've gained a bunch of quarantine weight and the small front just seems to highlight my belly.

So I think what I'm destined to do is rip out the ribbing and crochet two more full squares for each side, plus a half square to put in as a sort of V-neck shaping. Then of course pick up and re-knit the border. I think it will make it a much more wearable garment for me, and will be worth the time put in.

But before I do that, I have the second sleeve to finish. So far I have about 4 out of 9 squares for the sleeve. With any luck I can still finish this by Friday, when my next order of yarn arrives!

Happy knitting (or crocheting!)

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Spoopy Update!

 On Monday evenings I do a Big Book reading with one of my friends from Alcoholics Anonymous, and so I didn't get to work on my cardigan for very long yesterday.

But I did manage to finish the first sleeve and tell you what, I am in LOVE.

In order to get the bell sleeve effect what I ended up doing was crocheting around the wrist, doing one entire row of just sc2tog, and then I planned on doing crochet ribbing to finish it off. Unfortunately I'm still pretty new at crochet and I didn't have a locking stitch marker on me, and so my wrist kept getting smaller and smaller and smaller- and trying to do the rib stitch in crochet wasn't easy either. I re-did the wrist twice before giving up. Finally, I ended up ripping it out and doing the ribbing by knitting them on double pointed needles. I ended the cuff with a sewn bind-off and it's just perfect. To get the other sleeve to match I'll have to decrease down to 22 stitches.

So now I have one half of the cardigan almost complete! 

You can see that the fronts aren't going to close all the way, even after I add the ribbing. Which, I'm also going to do the ribbing around the fronts on my knitting needles instead of a crochet hook as well. It will just be a lot easier for me, and I think it will give a really cool effect having both crafts in one garment.

I'm loving the way it is turning out. I joke that I feel like someone's grandpa, but truly I adore it.

I went ahead and bought some patches off of Etsy, and once those arrive I'll be adhering them to various squares on the garment as well. Here are the ones I chose:

I'm seriously so psyched about this project.

1) it's my first adult crochet garment

2) Halloween spookiness

3) the sleeves!!!

4) the colors <3

Cannot wait to share the finished object with you guys.

I hope you're working on something you love just as much!

Monday, July 26, 2021

The Spoopy Cardigan: Work in Progress

So excited to share my newest project with you guys! The  Spoopy cardigan!

I'm following along with Kayla from Alt Knots to create this patchwork style cardigan.

Since it's nearing the end of July it is obviously time for Halloween decor and all things spoopy, and so I'm using classic Halloween colors: Black, Orange, Purple, & Green. Check out some of the patches.

For some reason, on my computer and phone the orange seems to look very reddish, but in person it is quite the pumpkin color. The yarn is Impeccable from Michaels' Loops & Threads line. It's 100% acrylic which is great for being machine washable and it's quite soft as well even before washing. I'm using a 6.5 mm hook so each square is worked up pretty quickly. I should have a total of 38 squares in order to complete the cardigan: 9 for each sleeve, 12 for the back, and 4 each for the fronts. So far, I've got the back and one front completed.

I am loving how much this sweater is going to make me feel like somebody's Grandpa. It's so outrageously ugly that I'm enamored with it.

My best friend said it looks like the kind of vest you put on someone who has a tendency to run off so that you'll never lose them. They don't see the glorious outcome I foresee, however. I've purchased a bunch of Halloween patches to decorate this thing with, and it is going to be so amazing. I can see myself never wanting to take it off because it's going to be like a big comfy blanket.

What do you think? Outrageously ugly? Or potentially a really rad Halloween sweater?