Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012 Goals

 I'm working on my list for 2012. Right now it looks something like this:

1) Steek armholes for a sweater (Ski Sweater)
2) Knit one of Ann Budd's designs (probably Mock Cables and Lace Socks or the Toe Up Travelers from Sock Knitting Master Class)
3) Watch a DVD from Elizabeth Zimmerman's PBS television series
4) Knit with Cashmere
5) Knit a sweater from side to side (Vine Yoke Cardi- have pattern and yarn)

6) Go to 3 Knit Nights
7) Learn EZ's Sewn Bind Off
8) Knit mainly from stash (Only buying for specific projects)
9) Finish 5 UFO's (You know, the ones that are just sitting there. ... ....)
10) Make it to 100 hexipuffs. (Dang I am slow on these... I have 49 right now.)
11) Continue Super Stitches Knitting Project
12 ) Create a PDF pattern for Ravelry download

12 goals in 2012
Can I do it?


  1. I love all your goals especially number 4 - I love knitting with cashmere.

  2. EZ has a PBS series? Must google!

    Don't feel so bad about the hexipuffs. I have 4 that look at me with anger daily. A great idea but too little excitement for me? idk :(

    As for my Seaside.. let's say that I tried to take a short cut because I thought Kitchener was too involved for such an easy project. It is now sewn by nothing ever known to man.

  3. The EZ shows are fantastically awesome in their 70's vintage-glory. Enjoy!


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