Saturday, January 14, 2012

A new design in progress...

This design sprung from my love of all things with faces. Hats with faces have become quite a trend these days, but these fun mittens are a bit more discreet.

I plan on making a total of 6 animals.

I love convertible mittens! My niece fell in love with them, too, so I'm going to try to do a child's size as well.
They are so easy, and because they're worsted weight they work up really fast. And they're kind of like socks. You know how when you're knitting a sock it's like: Ribbing, leg, heel, gusset, foot, toe. So there's always a sense of how far along you are, and it's not too long until you reach the next step? It's like that except you get through each stage even faster!

The ears for the mouse are worked in simple crochet (I don't know if you can tell but I made both the ears left ears on accident. I'm going to fix that after I'm done with the second mitten..) but I'm not sure if all the others will be. The owl tufts may be worked along the top of the mitten, with the middle being kitchnered together and the point-eared animals may have knitted ears as well.

We'll see. This design is so cute and so exciting it feels like I don't want to knit anything else! But I've had that feeling before, and it always goes away haha. And besides, I'm on a yarn diet and- aside from the owl- I don't have the colors for the other animals.

At a future date I'll get into detail on how I made these little guys. I'm off to the post office now, to mail a very late Christmas present!

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  1. ugh. i can't wait to hear how you did these! i would love to make a cat pair... maybe you should sell the pattern(s) on Rav? I imagine they would be very popular :)


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