Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I haven't forgotten you, Ski Sweater...

My ski sweater has been in pieces in the crib for a month at least. Body, and two sleeves awaiting their finishing treatment.

But of course Christmas knitting came first. And then the necessary sleeve lengthening for my brother's sweater.
Now, finally, I can shove it aside no longer and I have begun the finishing process.

Step 1: Pick up and knit hem stitches.
Step 2: Knit hem and remove needle.
Step 3: Turn inside out and sew down loosely.
Step 4: Admire, admire, admire.
I'm still working away on the lower edge hem. I'm using a needle 2 sizes smaller than I used for the main body and a worsted weight yarn (Patons Classic Wool).

The hem was knitted thus:
Pick up all knit stitches through back loop only
Purl one round
Knit one round
*K8, K2tog* around
Knit until 1.5"

I really like the way it turned out, with that little bit of red peeking through. The next thing I have to do is baste the line of where the sleeves end, and then locate a sewing machine I can use so I can run  few lines of machine stitching before cutting big honking holes in my sweater.

The very thought still makes me nervous.

Anyways, as always, check out more WIPS at Tamis Amis.


  1. i cant wait to see the finished sweater! i am beyond impressed!

  2. That's so beautiful. It looks amazing!

  3. It already looks fantastic! Can't wait to see the FO

  4. That's sooo impressive. I love the splash of red :o) c x


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