Monday, August 1, 2011

My Malabrigo Mitts

Today I finished up the knitting on my commuter gloves. They still need buttons, of course, but I haven't even decided what color I'm going to go with. I was thinking about orange, black, or blue. I'm going to have to take them to JoAnns with me for a button hunt.

From Knitty first fall 2011
1) The yarn: I love malabrigo; it's like knitting with butter.
2) The yarn: I loved the color changes
3) The upper cuff: The shaping was enough to keep me on my toes
4) The style: Once I add the buttons these will be suuuuuper cute.

Didn't like:
1) Doing a C4B on the left glove. I have a harder time counting the number of rows completed after a cable when it's towards the back. I don't know why. I suppose it was worth it because now the cables don't go the same direction, but I think I may have made a few longer or shorter cables on the left glove...

And I still had yarn left over!
Since it's such a small amount, I have a feeling Vyvyan's teddy bears are getting scarves for Christmas. ;)

Oh, and if you're wondering how my sweater hunt went? I decided I'll have to invent my own, so here's my
1)swatch cable pattern: CO 30 st with size 9's. 5 st moss, 20 st patt, 5 st moss for 5 inches
2) wash the swatch
3)swatch in moss stitch with size 9's
4) Review super stitches knitting by debbie stoller- can design own sweater
design elements:
- double moss stitch
- antler cable up front
- cables on sleeves
- worked flat, seamed construction
        NOT raglan,
        NOT set-in,
        Maybe drop shoulder?
-34", so not too oversized, up to 38"
- twisted rib on cuffs and hems

Obviously that means I have to do a lot of thinking and swatching, so instead I've picked up my Top-down raglan and I'm hoping to get a few stripes done today.
Happy knitting!

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