Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WIP Wednesday

You know how some projects you just speed through? You buy the yarn and before you even have a chance to input it into your Ravelry stash it's all used up and you have a new hat or scarf?
 I love those projects. However, I seem to have a lot of the other type going on right now: The ones that languish in a bag somewhere, wondering when you are ever going to sew the pieces together. The ones that are large, comprised of boring stitch patterns, and often involve lots of finishing work.

The project I'm sharing today was first started on July 1, 2012. It has been in a state of near-completion since September and I finally got around to sewing all of the pieces together. It's still not done, however, because I have to sew on the buttons and... well it has sat around my room for so long that 2 of them are missing!
So yeah: I'll be honest with you guys. Since I last posted about this Pea Wee Coat all that's changed is I sewed on the collar and 2 pockets.
But isn't my son modeling his cousin's new coat adorable???? He spent a good deal of time looking for the missing buttons with me, because he wants me to start on his sweater. ;)

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  1. Adorable boy and amazing coat!

  2. I love WIP's...very cute jacket.

  3. He does look really cute in that coat!

  4. He is the perfect model ... what a great coat and those missing buttons will turn up in the least likely place so look there! ; )

  5. That is a gorgeous wee coat and your son - well there are no words to describe how cute he is! Enjoy your day and hope you find these buttons!

  6. Your son and the coat both look adorable. He's a smart one if he's learned that helping you makes him more likely to earn knitwear!

  7. The coat and the little girl are adorable!

  8. aww... he looks adorable!! what a cutie! he totally deserves a new sweater, doesn't he? :)


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