Thursday, November 1, 2012

Random Sauce

Happy November! I plan on doing a monthly review for October (ahem, and also September...) this Sunday when I have a day off and so today will just be a quick update. In case you're wondering I did finish something this month and I'm just waiting to get some pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I'll use this as a lame segue to show ya'll me and my bf's Halloween costumes:
We had a gay ol' time taking the goblin trick or treating, and then stealing all of his candy.
Well, Halloween has come and gone... every day brings us closer to that certain gift-giving season, and my knitting is far, far behind.

I did, however, start working on my Woodsy Association mitts. I chose the badger to knit first, and decided to work it all in duplicate stitch after knitting a solid square. Let me just tell you up front that this was the stupidest decision ever on my part.
1) I don't really enjoy duplicate stitch because it feels too much like sewing and not enough like knitting.
2) Duplicate stitch is fine for small areas and blocks of color that line up nicely: not so much for patches of color unless you plan on cutting and weaving in all the ends in which case you might as well just do the dang thing in intarsia.
3) I freaking hate plain stockinette stitch when working flat.
4) It feels absolutely useless to finish knitting a little square and then realize you still have to sew on a badger/wolf/owl/raccoon/stag.

So basically, I got about this far before realizing that doing it this way was a quick way to crazytown.

And yeah. I'm just going to leave it like that. There's no going back on all that duplicate stitch. But at least I know that cast on number is good for me, and as long as I do the stranded intarsia VERY loosely, I should have some cute badger mitts to show off soon!

You know what else I hate about duplicate stitch?
I can't show you my work in progress and have it be at all interesting. Why? Cuz it's a square of brown stockinette stitch. YAWN!

Oooh! Ooh! Ooooh! And my anniversary is coming up! Year 2! I'll be announcing my giveaway prizes soon so keep an eye out.

Happy knitting!

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  1. Isn't it frustrating when you think you're making a wise and clever decision/choice only to learn later that it actually was an annoying move!? Now you know NOT to do the duplicate stitch on your second mitt! Great photo -- too cute.


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